Take Your Best SHot

Exploring the idea of ones creative process for capturing a photograph in the wild.




Unlike many other small mammals, the European Hare does not hibernate. To remain healthy during the winter months they feed off of twigs, branch buds, and bark.

Canadian Wildlife Magazine - AD Steve Balaban


Gone home

Deforestation is on the rise while wildlife populations are dramatically declining. Habitat loss is considered to be the most significant threat to bear species.

Nature Conservancy of Canada Magazine - AD - Steve Balaban

Canadian Wetlands series


Spot - Sun Basking

Turtles are a cold-blooded species that conduct heat from objects they rest on while above the water. This is great source of vitamin D and other essential nutrients that help keep a healthy body and shell.


Breathing Tube

Single-use straws are harming our wildlife and Eco systems. Most straws are not biodegradable and can take hundreds of years to fully break down.


GM salmon -UNKNOWN Error

Genetically modified Salmon hitting fish markets with a wide variety of unanswered concerns.